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San Andreass

Urban domination is the key to this game, no nonsense just out and out gun battles. Whether you’re red or blue you’ll struggle to stay alive. The object of the game is to kill as many of the other team as possible 10 points awarded for each player killed.

The trouble is with gangs, as quickly as one gang member is taken out another joins their place. In this scenario no one is eliminated for the whole period of the game, when you are killed you return to your starting point (spawn point) where a marshal will wipe you down, add 5 points to the other team then send you back out there.

The Game ends after a 30 minute period, or a team member returns to their spawn point with the opposite teams gang colours (a bandana) earning the team 300 points.

Fallen Comrade

The scenario, a member of your Special Forces unit is injured behind enemy lines you must return him to your base at all costs. The exact location of your comrade is unknown, all we know is you will have to find him whilst under fire and drag him back to safety.

The rescue team have 20 minutes to return their man to their base, they must not get shot in the process, when a rescue party member is shot he must let go of his comrade and is out of the game. 300 points are awarded to the team who successfully return their comrade to safety with 10 points deduced for every time he is shot during this rescue.

The opposing team can only occupy certain areas of the war zone and will need sniper skills to take out members of the rescue party. Remember the injured comrade is of a tough breed and will take up to 30 shots before he is not worth rescuing.

Saving Private Ryan

Private Ryan and two other members of your platoon are trapped in occupied territories
You must get your squad safely into the area make contact with Ryan and get him and yourselves out of there. Only one member of your team has to touch Ryan to allow all 3 trapped members the freedom to leave the building.

The building Ryan is holding is out of bounds to the opposing team and the surrounding area but only for 10 minits after this time period is over you’ll hear a signal to tell the opposing team members that its open play and all hell will break loose. Speed is the key here; try to get him out within the first 10 minutes for a better chance. 300 points for Ryan returning safely. Total length of game 20minutes

Medal of Honour

Courage will be recognized in this game. Somewhere out there is an ammo box, find the ammo box and return it to your spawn point without getting shot. Sounds easy, it isn’t, it could be anywhere and the enemy is also looking for the same prize and are sure to gun you down to get it.

Any player shot when carrying the box must drop it where ever they are, then they must return to their spawn point and be wiped down to get back in the game. The box may contain real ammo that can be used in the game so be careful with it.

The box cannot be passed between players; one player must take the box to the spawn point or place it on the ground for a team mate to pick up. The team that gets the box back to the spawn point gets 100 points, each player killed will give the other team 5 points.

Remember there could be ammo (paintballs) in the box; the extra ammo could help you win the game. The first player to open the box gets to keep the ammo but they must get to the box, open the box and get their hands on the ammo with out getting shot.

Tip: Don’t get greedy; make sure you are safe from fire before attempting to open the box, it is often better to split the prize between team members and work as a team covering each other whilst you reload.

Here is the Honour part: The player who returns the box to the spawn point successfully will win each member of their team free paintballs for their next visit. Everybody loves a hero!

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